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TS Venice LIGHT Security Stirrups

TS Venice LIGHT Security Stirrups

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TS Venice LIGHT - everything you like about the already popular Venice Security stirrups but designed to weigh only 450g

VENICE LIGHT are the lightest SECURITY STIRRUPS machined from aluminium billet on the market.
In just 450g it offers stability, resistance and design:


STABILITY with the combination of a 3° inclined tread and the grip provided with more than 105 teeth.

  • Tread size: 125mm long x 65 mm wide (4 – 3/4”);

Exclusive DESIGN that allows the stirrup to easily follow the foot movement during jumping.

The CRAFTED OUTSIDE EDGE foot stopper to ensure that those with larger feet or those that ride to the edge of the stirrup do not activate the mechanism during normal riding. 


RESISTANCE The stirrups are subjected to a special mechanical process that make them more durable.


REVOLUTIONARY SAFETY MECHANISM only opens when needed (no magnet due to the lightweight design).  The stainless steel spring allows to the mobile part to stay closed during the work and to open only if a certain weight load is exceeded; the closure of the mobile part is cushioned by a rubber insert on the ring.

Can be used with any jump, dressage or GP stirrup leather.

Tread Plate Size 125 x 65mm

Replacements pads available. 

Made in Italy