Tech Stirrups Diana HUNTER (Show Ring)

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Exceptional balance, Elegant styling (no TS logo), Comfort for long periods in the saddle, Kind to knees & ankles, Excellent grip


  • Weight: 340g (11.99 oz)
  • Tread dimensions: 125 x65 mm (4-3/4 in)
  • Gloss finish
  • Available colours: black or silver

Their width and the 4° sloped tread have been designed to give a sense of comfort even with prolonged use.

The strong grip offers excellent adherence without having to exert too much pressure.

The stirrup leather slot has been designed to keep the stirrup in a position which simplifies foot re-positioning in case of grip loss, aiding easy stirrup recovery.

The patented Tech Stirrups "Diana" are entirely produced in Italy. Our orders are manufactured monthly in Italy.

They are made from aviation grade aluminium billet and fitted with stainless steel blocked screws. The treads and the rings are treated with a 20 micron anodization to preserve the aesthetic quality (it won't flake off!!).

Each set are stress tested before leaving Italy.

Breaking test implemented on "Diana" model - Point of breakage at 2419 kg.

EA Dressage permitted

TS "Diana" HUNTER is exactly the same as TS "Athena" JUMPING in technical design (just no discreet TS logo), so if you are feeling adventurous you can ride dressage in the Athena JUMPING Titanium Grey!

As the official distributor/retailer within Australia each set of Tech Stirrups is backed with a 3 year warranty from the date of purchase in case of materials or manufacturing defects.

How to put your stirrups on the saddle

The rings of our stirrups are provided with direction marks:


R and L marks should point towards the rider.

We recommend stirrup covers 'socks' to protect your saddle while lunging or 'running-up' stirrups on the saddle


Diana Hunter are generally held in stock.  Pre-orders will take approximately 4 weeks for delivery and we will keep you informed every step of the way.