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HRP GP Saddle Pad - Dual Wing Square

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    General Purpose saddle pad.  This cut will suit either a jump or dressage saddle.
    Cob dimensions: a very generous length 58cm depth 54cm (16.1 w/blood to 16.3 T/B)
  • Scientifically proven & patented unique design to reduce pressure on the thoracolumbar spine (behind the saddle)
  • Reduces the risk of local muscle strain
  • Helps prevent localised over-heating by reducing the formation of moisture and sweat
  • Helps to prevent muscle dehydration and muscle fatigue
  • Enhances comfort for the horse and peace of mind for the rider
  • Visually striking

All HRP Wing® Saddle Pads benefit from a world-first densely padded area at the girth, which we have called the Thorax pad™. The Thorax pad™ has been invented to add additional comfort to horses who are sensitive when being girthed.

Made from technologically advanced lightweight wicking fabric with a suede effect inner which adds a non-slip effect.

The Dual WING® saddle pad is designed to be used with or without a half pad.


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   Why should I choose a Wing® Saddle Pad over a regular Saddle Pad?

Scientifically proven: Pressure tests prove the HRP Pressure Reducing WING® Saddle Pad exerts NO pressure on the horse behind the saddle (green line), over the lumbar spinous processes and significantly less mean pressure in all gaits when compared to conventional saddle pads. Conventional Saddle Pads produce some pressure (red line), which can cause rubbing and sores on the horses back. The HRP WING® Saddle Pad has eliminated these problems through its innovative design and to add, there are different designs for each equestrian discipline, all with a striking visual appearance.

Made in the UK

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