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ENTWINED - Softcover book by Angela Sausman

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Challenge yourself to take a fresh look at the human/equine relationship. Unravel the complexities of the human/equine mind and body and explore the influence of the modern environment on our interwoven world.

Let Entwined guide you through the more practical aspects of horse ownership by sharing in-depth knowledge, encouraging a mindset for positive critical thinking and creating a template for considered horse management.

A true analysis of synthesis—Angela uniquely examines aspects of horse management, combining the different elements to highlight the correlation between the human/equine world.

About the Author

From a young age, Angela has been drawn to a life with horses. From the traditional British riding school to her yard in Far North Queensland, Australia, Angela’s experience with the equine world is diverse. She holds post-graduate degrees in both science and business and has excelled in a career of innovation and new product development. She is the editor/publisher of Horse North magazine and a Director of equine retailer/educator Ocean Easy Stables.