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Following our successful launch in 2012 the Horse North philosophy remains unchanged; we exist to share knowledge and information to ensure the horses’ wellbeing, rider safety and enjoyment. 

We are now going one step further, helping our NQ Regional Businesses by supporting them and our followers with Club HN.  Our local businesses have always been there to support our riding clubs and of course, supply our local horse enthusiasts with everything they need.  Now it's time to show them some support!  

Club HN members receive via email a .jpg image of their unique membership card, along with a welcome letter.  We encourage you to use the STOCARD app on your mobile and manually download your card details (a 'how-to' video' is available on the Horse North Facebook page - it's simple!). 

Membership gives you:

  • access to offers from participating Club HN businesses
  • a free e-Newsletter SNORT from Horse North 

Not tech-savvy?  We can supply a physical card.


For the virtual card, add the code virtual at checkout to activate free shipping

For a physical card, the standard shipping rate of $15 applies

Make sure you complete the shipping information including your email for both the virtual card and physical card. Your privacy is important to us.  You will only be contacted by the Ocean Easy Group (just who you see on this website) and never shared with a third party.

Club HN members T's & C's