Tech Stirrups - Try Before You Buy

Thinking of buying a pair of our innovatively designed, beautifully crafted, wonderfully balanced stirrups, but not sure?
Our Brand Ambassadors all have a variety of Tech Stirrups you can try, but if not,
Introducing the OES Stirrup Bank
 'Try Before You Buy' for Tech Stirrups Australia

How it works:

  1. Select the stirrups you would like to try by looking at

We have pairs of Venice Security (adult)Venice Security (young), Athena JumpAphrodite Dressage, Iris Cross Country & Brixia Endurance available.  If you would like to try the Diana Hunter The technical specifications and feel are similar to the  Athena Jump, it is just the look that is slightly different (no Tech Stirrups logo engraving on silver or black and smooth, not contoured branches on the Diana Hunter black)

  1. You can order online from the collection, or call 0474 634 766 or email to arrange the test stirrups – we will send you a brief agreement; if you decide to go ahead and pay the trial fee, it indicates that you agree with the terms and conditions. Please be aware that there are limited numbers in the OES Stirrup Bank therefore, you may be placed on a waiting list
  2. Pay the trial fee (credit/debit card or direct bank transfer), which consists of the cost of new stirrups ($230 for Aphrodite dressage, Athena Jump, Diana Hunter or $420 for Venice adult, $550 for Venice Light, $320 for Venice Young and $340 for Brixia Endurance with cage) +$50 (non-refundable) admin/shipping fee
  3. We will ship a pair of trial stirrups to you, together with a return shipping satchel; the stirrups will be silver (the Brixia cage will be black), engraved with a serial number and will have been used previously, BUT WILL HAVE BEEN CLEANED AND DISINFECTED
  4. If you request to trial more than one Tech Stirrup style (maximum of 2 styles) the trial fee will consist of the cost of new stirrups for the pairs chosen and $50 (non-refundable) admin/shipping fee per pair.  You may choose to trial one pair after another, which is permitted
  5. Try them – for 10 days – have fun!
  6. After 10 days, return the stirrups to Ocean Easy Stables – lodge them at any Post Office in the prepaid satchel and wrapped in the bubble wrap they came in (registered Express delivery) and email OES the tracking number. PLEASE ENSURE THE STIRRUPS ARE CLEAN - with a soft cloth WIPE OFF ANY SAND, MUD OR DEBRIS
  7. If you wish to go ahead and buy a pair, we will ship your selected style and colour to you once we receive the returned trial stirrups (if a stocked item, there may be a shipping delay if the item is not stocked)
  8. If you don’t want to buy, we will refund the cost of the stirrups (not the $50 admin fee) once we receive the trial stirrups. Refunds will be made using the same method as original payment

If the stirrups are not returned, you will forfeit the trial fee; if stirrups are not returned when due (shipping evidence/tracking required for not later than 14 days after original shipping date from OES) it is assumed that you are keeping the stirrups from the OES Stirrup Bank and no further charges or refunds will be made (OES Stirrup Bank Stirrups are engraved with an OES code)

Call now and try before you buy!

Current trial availability:



Venice Young