Offering nationally accredited first aid training

About Ocean Easy Stables

Ocean Easy Stables supports innovation; we are advocates and ambassadors for our selected products and take our role seriously. 

An innovation starts as an idea which is painstakingly tried and tested; it may just be a clever invention that improves our lifestyle but ideas that enhance performance and improve wellbeing are scientifically proven, a process which takes time, passion and funding. 

Innovations are created to share, but remain the property of the inventor and thankfully patent law protects their efforts.

Our team respects and understands this.  We too are innovators and have been through this process many times, tried and tested both academically and commercially with accolades for new product development, strategic alliances and marketing, we bring our products to the Australian market with a true understanding of business ethics.  

Of course, we know about horses too!  That’s more of an obsession than a passion.

Our brand ambassadors are all trail blazers with a true dedication to their sport and share in our belief and passion for our portfolio of products.

  • OES No-Ice Cooling Leg Wraps
  • HRP Equestrian 'WING' Saddle Pads
  • The Perfect Fit Saddle Fit Kit
  • Washa Wand
  • OES Helios Sun Specs
  • SPF 50 Sun Protection Sleeves
  • 'drybrow' Super Absorbent Hat Liners
  • OES LED Keyring Torch

Come and meet them:

Jess Cowan (TAS)


Peter Fischer (VIC)


 Karli Hatton (QLD)


Rebecca Henry  (QLD)          

Sugarbag Equestrian 


Jamie  & Olivia Hewitt-Toms    (QLD) 


Becky & Stuart Jenkins   (QLD)

Fairview Performance Horses     




 Grace Kay (NSW)


Pamela Kingwill   (QLD)

PVS Training   

Gary Lung (QLD)

Windhill Dressage     



 Tanj Mitton (QLD)

Equestrian Success Mindset



Kylie Munson (WA)

Red Star Sport Horses

OES Co-owner and Author of EntwinedAngela Sausman (QLD)

 Sharyn Symmonds   (VIC)