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Brand Ambassadors

Ocean Easy Stables has a team of dedicated professionals in their disciplines who work with us to bring Tech Stirrups and our other innovative products to you.

They have a variety of Tech Stirrups you can try, Tech Stirrups 3 in 1 Spurs, HRP Wing Saddle pads, Sun Specs and 'drybrow' you can touch, feel and understand.

Come and meet them:

Becky Jenkins                      Stu Jenkins (QLD

Fairview Performance Horses

Becky Jenkins      Stu Jenkins and Aliquidam


Lacey Jenkins                                         Bec Henry (QLD)

                                                             Sugarbag Equestrian

 Lacey with her Silver Pink Venice Young Security Stirrups                         Bec Henry at Sugarbag Station


Gary Lung (QLD)                                    Kim Weston (QLD)

Website                                             Kim Weston Dressage

Gary Lung and Chester              Kim Weston


Pamela Kingwill (QLD)                                  Angela Sausman (QLD)

PVS Training                                            Ocean Easy Stables

Pamela Kingwil       Angela Sausman


Sharyn Symmonds (VIC)                           Kylie Munson (WA)

FB Page                                                Red Star Sport Horses

Sharyn Symmonds          Kylie Munson


Karli Hatton (NSW)

FB Page