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Brand Ambassadors

Ocean Easy Stables is a small Australian company distributing some world class, innovative products from around the world. 

We have a team of dedicated professionals in their disciplines who work with us to bring our innovative & educational products to you.

Each have a variety of products you can see and stirrups you can try:

  • Tech Stirrup Stirrups
  • Tech Stirrup 3 in 1 Spurs
  • Tech Stirrup Socks
  • HRP Equestrian 'WING' Saddle Pads
  • Ultima Sun Specs
  • Sun Protection Arms
  • 'drybrow' super absorbent hat liners
  • Horse Map Horse Ownership Handbook

Come and meet them:


Fairview Performance Horses

Becky Jenkins (QLD)

Stuart Jenkins (QLD)



Lacey Jenkins (QLD)                                     


Sugarbag Equestrian

Rebecca Henry (QLD)


Windhill Dressage     

Gary Lung (QLD)                                    

Gary Lung and Chester

PVS Training   

Pamela Kingwill (QLD)    

Pamela Kingwil

Equestrian Success Mindset

Tanja Mitton

Richard Mitton

Laura Mitton

Ocean Easy Stables

Angela Sausman (QLD)

Angela Sausman


Kim Weston Dressage

Kim Weston (QLD)

              Kim Weston


Karli Hatton (NSW)


Sharyn Symmonds (VIC)                          


Sharyn Symmonds

Red Star Sport Horses

Kylie Munson (WA)

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