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We know that purchasing a pair of Venice Security Stirrups is a great investment.

The tread, along with the stirrup bars are all made from aviation-grade aluminium billet.  The tread is incredibly hard-wearing but if you require a replacement foot pad they are now available to purchase.

Replacing the footpad is a simple procedure and does not affect the safety mechanism in any way.  Follow the instructions closely.

Replacement foot pads for your "Venice" traditional Security Stirrups - adult size only


 This is the standard equipment provided with the "Venice" Traditional model.

It has been designed to ensure the best adherence, avoiding the accumulation of mud and water.

  • Material: aluminium
  • Slope: 0°
  • Linear

Also available - Venice SlopeD Foot pads with a 3-degree angle tread (kind on knees and ankles)


How to replace a tread - click here