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Business Services

Unifying the Ocean Easy brand, Ocean Easy Strategy Solutions (OESS) was launched in 2019 by proprietor and Director Michael Sausman.

OESS was formerly known as Birdwing Business Solutions and has been helping businesses, both large and small, clarify their strategy and reach their goals nationally and internationally since 2007.

Michael has lived and worked in the UK, Europe and Asia Pacific region, and has a wealth of multi-cultural business knowledge and experience.   

As a senior manager and director at businesses from large multi-million dollar NASDAQ and NYSE quoted companies to start-up SMEs, Michael has seen ethics and governance in action and... more usually... not.  He fully understands the trials and tribulations of everyday management, the role of the director and the excitement and challenges of the market, but has seen that ethics and success in business really can and do go hand in hand.

Michael regularly assists with the QLD Government’s Mentoring for Growth programme and has a flair and passion for business strategy, sales and marketing and an ongoing zeal for ethics and governance in all levels of business.

Angela Sausman also adds her business qualifications, knowledge and experience to the team, specialising in high-end retail, franchising and new product development.

From our website, you can book your initial consultation via Zoom or Skype.  Alternatively, you can contact us at or by calling 0474 634766 to discuss your business needs.  We can also supply detailed proposals and quotes for your grant funding.

We offer consultations relating to:

  • Business Planning & Strategy
  • Business Mentoring (helping you to achieve your goals)
  • Sales Strategies 
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Financial Mentoring (understanding your balance sheet)
  • Governance, Business Strategies for Social and Financial Responsibility
  • Business Ethics (Social Responsibility)

Let us guide your company to reach the goals of becoming responsible, ethical and successful in business; we will work with you and your business to help you achieve greatness on your scale.

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